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NOTE: pumps PVD 9, 13, 17 and 22, series 30, are no more available.

For small sizes only the pump PVD 25 series 31 is available.
Other sizes from 28 to 145 remain in series 30.

The PVD pumps are variable displacement vane pumps with a mechanical type of pressure compensator.

  • They allow instantaneous adjustment of the flow rate according to the circuit requirements. The consequence is that energy consumption is reduced and adequate in every phase of the cycle.
  • The pump group is complete with hydrostatic axial compensation distribution plates that improve the volumetric efficiency and reduce wear of the components.
  • The pressure compensator keeps the cam ring of the pumping group in the eccentric position with use of an adjustable load spring. When the delivery pressure equals the pressure corresponding to the spring setting, the cam ring is moved toward the center, adjusting the flow rate to the values required by the plant.
  • In zero flow demand conditions, the pump delivers oil only to compensate any possible bleedings and pilotings, keeping the circuit pressure constant.
  • The compensator response times are very low such as to allow elimination of the pressure relief valve.
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