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PRE* valves are pilot operated pressure relief proportional valves with mounting interface in compliance with ISO 6264 standards (CETOP RP 121H).

These valves are normally used to control hydraulic circuit pressure and enable the use of the full flow rate of the pump, even with settings approaching calibrated values.

The two-stage design and wide passages ensure reduced pressure drops thereby improving the system energy performance.

Pressure can be modulated continuously in proportion to the current supplied to the solenoid.

These valves can be controlled directly by a current control supply unit or by means of the relevant electronic control units to exploit valve performance to the full.

They are fitted with a manual pressure relief valve which is factory set to ≥15% of the maximum value in the pressure control range.

They are available in three sizes for flow rates up to 500 l/min and in four pressure control ranges up to 350 bar.


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