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These solenoid operated directional control hydraulic valves are in compliance with ATEX 94/9/EC standards and are suitable for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres, that fall within the ATEX II 2GD either for gas or for dust classification and I M2, for mines.

The direct operated valves are available in ISO 4401-03 (CETOP 03) and ISO 4401-05 (CETOP 05) size; available pilot operated sizes are: CETOP P05, ISO 4401-05 (CETOP R05), ISO 4401-07 (CETOP 07), ISO 4401-08 (CETOP 08) and ISO 4401-10 (CETOP 10).

The statement of conformity to the up-mentioned standards is always supplied with the valve.

DS3K* and DL5BK* valves are supplied with a finishing surface treatment (zinc-nickel) suitable to ensure a salt spray resistance up to 600 h (test operated according to UNI EN ISO 9227 standards and test evaluation operated according to UNI EN ISO 10289 standards); for DSP*K* valves, this treatment is available upon request.


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